Just a few random photos

Paul , Julie , Brian and myself…..by the side of the road after
we had been taken to see the flood waters. Not sure of what year that is.
The flood waters…. in which we swam beside the side of the road. along with leeches and
the occasional dead animal. Cars were packed with picnic food  for an evening meal
and we went as far as we could on the road and stopped for the kids to swim.
Obviously no one thought it was unhealthy……which is pretty amazing when u think of it.
us kids went to our parents to have them kill the leeches on our legs with their lit cigarettes
This is a photo I took sometime after 1956 from the top of the water tower.
We were allowed to climb there and look around so long as we were careful.
Wallanthry Weir which had a tiny bit of sandy beach
and was a favourite picnic spot on New Years day

The White Bridge……..now gone
someones truck making it along the Lake Cargellico Road
1956 I guess

Me hanging around on the the bridge. We did stuff like that

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