Old photos of the town

The movie theatre and the fire station, which later became “the old machinery shed”
where my father worked for a while after the power station was taken over my a new owner .
The right side is the wall  of Nall Jacksons….along with
the local fire brigade
What was a butcher shop but later became the paper shop.
 The office that was later “The Spectator” . Beside it is
the shop that later became the dry cleaning shop.
With fire engines and watchers

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2 Responses to Old photos of the town

  1. Lyn says:

    Hello Diane, I have been interested to have a look at your site. We have some of the same photos in our library and museum collection, but have never seen this one with the saddler, butcher. Can you tell me more about when the photo may have been taken and which part of high street. By Dry Cleaning shop do you mean next to the Memorial Park? Regards Lyn (library@carrathool.nsw.gov.au)

  2. Hi Lyni am guessing that the pics were done about 1930+ maybe a year or so.my father would have gone to Hillston around 1828the butcher shop was opposite what was the original library and the other shops were opposite what was then the bank of NSW (westpac)Russel Hutchinson started the drycleaners and yes it was the one right next to the Memorial parki always assumed my father owned the photos since they were in the family photo boxes since i was a child.i have the originals now and just took digital pics of them for this blog.copies of photos in those days were hard to come by…unlike todays digital agegood to hear from you and if you have other info i would be happy to hear of it. diane 🙂

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