The Hillston Power Station

The first three of these  photos were taken by me with my Box Brownie that I  got for my 13th birthday. The last one was taken by my father Phil Holdsworth.

We grew up in the house next door to the power station with the sound of the engines  implanted in our ears day and night. This is a photo of the station from the front which shows the engine room at the back with someone standing at teh door

This was the the power station truck that was used to by the men to mend lines and put
in new light bulbs in the street lights
The back of the station looking from the railway line showing
one of the Gordon brothers standing there .
 The water cooling tower is clearly seen
Us kids climbed all over the truck and the cooling tower.
We lead charmed lives i guess
A view of the station looking towards what later became the
RSL club . it shows the main shed where offices were,
where my father’s car was kept
and where small electrical appliance were repaired.
A man called Freddie Apthorpe lived in a loft under the roof
for as long as i recall and helped out generally.

this is Varley Gordon.

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